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College registration weeks aren’t unique to any one college. Each summer, colleges gear up for their version of a fall registration. These colleges are organizing items such as academics, move-in, student activities, financial aid, and other important details to transition students well from summer to the classroom.

For Boise Bible College, we call registration week “Discovery Week”. This is an opportunity for students to discover the many aspects of attending college at BBC and build anticipation for this new (or familiar) journey. The days are filled with excitement, activities, and joy as students connect with each other and the BBC faculty or staff. Sometimes, this week can feel overwhelming for both new and returning students, but it’s an opportunity to prepare for the upcoming semester without the academics. The calm before the storm, so to speak.

So, what do you need to know about #BoiseBibleDiscoveryWeek – BBC’s College Registration?


Discovery Week at BBC begins with students moving into the dorms. Returning and new students are greeted by the housing team and student leadership team as well as others to help carry those mini-fridges or boxes into your new home for the coming months.

Dorm assignments are given before registration, but things can change during move-in. Be prepared and flexible during this process. In addition, you may not get your own room within the Quad or Triple style dorms. Instead, you may need to share a bunk room.

Our dorms are apartment style. Meaning, each “apartment” includes 2 or 3 bedrooms, kitchenette, bathroom, and living space. In addition, the rooms are furnished with spacious closets, desks, corkboards, desk chairs, table and chairs, and under the bed drawers. For additional information, see our Student Handbook.

Typical Quad Dorm Room at Boise Bible College


During registration, students follow the steps below:

  1. Welcomed by the Housing and Admissions team members
  2. Meet faculty advisor to discuss classes
  3. Class Review w/Academic Assistant
  4. Financial Aid
  5. Student Life
  6. Student ID Pictures
  7. Bookstore
  8. Business Office

Each of the steps are important for students attending BBC. In addition, each department understands this may be your first time through the college registration process, so ask questions and don’t be nervous! We’re here to help.


During Discovery Week, we have orientations for students and parents. It is required for students to attend all the orientation meetings and encouraged that parents attend the one of the two parent orientation options.

These meetings give clarification, meaning, and understanding to the process and to Boise Bible College as a whole. During these times, you’ll hear from various departments on campus and glean very important information about being a student or being the parent of a student at BBC.


Activities for new and returning students are planned throughout the week. These activities include a new student activity hosted by the admissions team, survivor BBC, Lunch at Camel’s Back Park, food at the President’s house, and finally, Whitewater rafting! If you don’t have a car, don’t fret. You’ll find a ride either with another student or a staff/faculty member.

Most meals throughout the week are covered by local churches in the area. We are so thankful for this partnership and their continual help to welcome students on campus! In addition, this gives new students an opportunity to meet some of the churches in the area to help them find a new church home during their college years. The cafeteria at BBC opens the first day of classes.

The intention of Discovery Week is to help ease the transition to college or back to college. There’s a certain level of intimidation when beginning something, but the staff/faculty are here to guide and give a helping hand. Read our blog, “8 Things to Expect or Not Expect at Bible College” for further understanding!

Lastly, we’re so excited for the new students of Fall 2019 to be on campus! In just a few short weeks, you’ll be here and we couldn’t be more joyous! We’re praying that your remaining time goes smoothly and you’re filled with comfort and peace on your journey towards BBC.

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Joshua 1:9

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