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Many of you are going into your freshman year at Boise Bible College or another college, and you may be curious to know what student resources are available in terms of internships, academic support, and campus community life. After all, student resources are the cherry on top of your education investment and experience. Although below are examples from resources BBC offers it’s students, many colleges have similar aspects. So, be sure to ask about the different resources offered.

Let’s jump into the goodies!


Internships are the real-life experiences portion of your education. Although students are responsible for applying to their own internships, BBC has many relationships with organizations and churches to help students find an internship that is right for them.

One of the most prominent ways that students find internships is through an annual trip to the International Conference on Missions (ICOM). Every November, BBC takes students to ICOM where they can learn about hundreds of organizations doing amazing work for the Kingdom of God across the globe. Many BBC students find at least one internship among the organizations represented at ICOM.

Faculty and staff are also great resources for students who are looking for internships. Faculty and staff can give internship suggestions and can also offer prayer and wisdom in confirming an internship.


student in computer lab

For students who do not have their own computer, the library at BBC has a computer lab that students can use free of charge. In addition, students can print off their homework for a small fee. The library and computer lab are great at finding student resources. It’s a quiet place to do homework, but it is also home to thousands of books and periodicals that will greatly enhance the quality of your research.


Right outside the library in the lobby is where the Writing Lab is hosted twice a week. The Writing Lab is an informal one-on-one tutoring session with the English professor. If you ever struggle with research, brainstorming, writing, or proofreading, then make an appointment with Professor Hasegawa in the Writing Lab and she can help you get on the right track.

Professors are always a great source of academic support. Often times, students are too nervous to ask professors for help, but every professor at BBC is willing to help students with their questions. In fact, each student has a faculty advisor who is more than willing to guide them through the academic journey.


coffee shop

The community of BBC campus life is buzzing, and the best way to get a good buzz is coffee! The Lion’s Den is BBC’s very own student-operated coffee shop, offering everything from lattes to Red Bulls to smoothies. No doubt, it’s the cheapest coffee shop around!

Students also have a great time fellowshipping at meals. BBC has its very own chef and cafeteria that offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner Monday through Friday. The meal plan is not included in tuition.


Speaking of maintaining, you might be wondering what kind of on-campus jobs BBC has for students. BBC has jobs in the coffee shop, the cafeteria, the library, the admissions office, the maintenance team, and the housing department.

To be considered for these jobs and online job application must be filled along with recommendations and a resume.


What about health? The student sport’s committee hosts inter-mural sports every semester for students to let off some steam, and if that’s not enough exercise for you, BBC also has a track and field as well as a gym.

In addition, inside the cafetiera there is always a salad bar for students and healthy food options.


The best resource of all is the spiritual life. BBC has so many opportunities for students to grow in their faith. Chapel on Tuesdays and Thursdays is a rich time of communal worship. Mentorships between students and staff create rich relationships. Spontaneous jam sessions turn into nights of worship. Students encounter the Word of God on a daily basis. There is no better resource than the Spirit of God.

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  1. BBC’s writing lab is truly top shelf! This student support served as my own secret weapon throughout my four years here. Professor Hasegawa helped me polish my papers and improved them by (at least) a full letter grade each time. This woman is simply brilliant, and she was always so kind and generous to me. If I could give just one piece of advice to new students it would be to take advantage of this free service.

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