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We all like to feel special. We all want to have that unique skill or talent that few others possess. Well, institutions have the same desire – they too want to be set apart from the rest. For colleges particularly, each has its own unique way of fulfilling its mission, whether it is through academic culture, student activities, or extracurricular options. Since Boise Bible College is committed to educating and equipping the future of Christ’s church, it seeks to intentionally shape the whole student’s character. The primary way of doing that is through a unique program called “Waypoints”.

A waypoint, as defined by Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, is “an intermediate point on a route or line of travel.” We are all on this journey called life, if we are not intentional in life to pause and reflect on who we are and who we want to become, then we will be lost at sea. As Socrates has famously said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Honestly, self-reflection and examination is hard. It means taking a firm look at our internal crud and allowing it to be refined – but, oh, what a good thing! Think of waypoints as one way that we can be conformed into the image of Christ – these are pauses in life for self-examination and refinement.

“The unexamined life is not worth living.”


 Since college can be a tumultuous time of self-examination, Boise Bible College’s Waypoints program provides a path for students to help them reflect intentionally and to help them move forward purposefully. The Waypoints that BBC has put in place help students observe the progress they have made in their educational journey and help them process their experiences, so that they are more equipped to make wise choices for the future. Most Waypoints are academic but others are experiential, and they all involve dialogue with fellow students and with faculty.


1) Bible College Navigator

This course provides students with a birds-eye-view of their upcoming academic journey. It is not merely an orientation to college life and terminology; it is designed to help freshmen understand the implications of their learning styles and attitude toward the academic and spiritual process at Boise Bible College.

2) Christian Life

This course illustrates the importance of a life devoted to God and explains the character competencies that BBC strives to teach its students. If a follower of Christ loves God, then that person will submit him/herself to God’s divine authority and will also love other people. This is what devotion to God looks like. Out of that devotion, our students cultivate a spirit of gentleness as well as a heart of integrity. An important aspect of having integrity is having a healthy and generous relationship with resources and assets; thus, cultivating self-discipline is another competency that BBC helps our students develop. Lastly, if a follower of Christ is devoted to Christ, then being self-disciplined is purity of mind, heart, body, and behavior.

Out of that devotion, our students cultivate a spirit of gentleness as well as a heart of integrity.

3) Freshman Class Meetings

Once a month, students come together with their faculty advisor in class meetings, which helps students interpret their experiences, prepare them for upcoming events, and coach them in keeping their goals.


4) Sophomore Seminar

 This course seeks to develop self-awareness in sophomores and to prepare them for future internships. Students take a personality style test to help them identify implications that make them more aware of themselves and others. Along those same lines, students gain the terminology needed to introduce them to emotional intelligence. With these assets, students can them develop a personal growth plan and the tools needed for self-examination.

5) Sophomore Class Meetings

The sophomore year can be emotionally difficult for students because the novelty of college has worn off. So these class meetings with a faculty advisor help to encourage students through the bog of potential disillusionment.


6) Junior Summit

This juniors-only retreat is one-of-a-kind. It brings together the self-awareness learned in sophomore year and the team dynamics that students are beginning to experience in internships. This retreat is all about ministry in a team environment. Using games, this experience helps students identify healthy team dynamics, leadership potential and style, and personal obstacles within team situations.

7) Senior Capstone

This is the final waypoint. It marks the closing of a student’s journey at BBC but the beginning of a new journey beyond BBC. This course helps seniors plan for life past graduation to make necessary emotional and logistical preparations. This course is an opportunity for seniors to review their personal progress, assess their character competency, and provide valuable feedback that helps Boise Bible College improve as an institution.

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