This weeks post is written by Chandler Shultz. Chandler is a sophomore at BBC this year and pursing her Bachelor of Science in Christian Teaching. She loves singing, acting, musicals, and scary movies. She was also a cheerleader from 5th grade to senior year.


Hi there!

I may come off as intimidating through the screen, but I assure you I am not. I am, however, very extroverted. If you don’t know me or who I am just ask around BBC forBBCConnect2015-1-26 the “loud happy one” and they will probably point you in my direction. I often am the first person to say hi, or give a smile, or freak a person out by greeting them for the first time and hugging them like an old friend. All of these things I have done, and will probably do again. However, I do not always consider how weird this is for some. Not everyone in this high tech age engages people in the same way as I do.

To some, the really friendly face to face approach is a little intimidating and dare I say….a tad scary? So how do I, an extreme extrovert, engage the culture I live in today? The culture today is very independent. Most of the time, we don’t have time to meet face to face with people or don’t make the time, so we resort to communicating through an electronic device of some sort. For some situations, the only possible way to communicate is through the screen. However, as Christians, we should be going out of our way to get off the screen and get on the street.

BBCReps2016-14The screen is something that is misused a lot when it comes to using it to communicate more than face to face interaction. I am not condemning anyone who has any online communication device because I have three. The way we use this though is so important! Meeting face to face brings a level of intimacy and love that Christians should be able to share with the people of this world. If we hide behind the screen, aren’t we just blending in with this world?

We are supposed to be different and be set apart from this world. The way we communicate and engage people should also be different. People will know we are different if we ask for a relationship that goes off of the screen and becomes a more personal relationship. It is hard to hide what we are feeling face to face. Let us go out and engage people by showing genuine love when we meet them face to face.

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