This weeks Admissions Blog post is written by Jessica Ricks. Jessica is from Washington and loves music, coffee, and all things related to Latin culture. She is a senior at BBC and pursing a Bachelor of Science in Intercultural Studies.

The theme of “engage” this year has been especially formative for me. As I look on the events of this past school year, God has made it clear that “challenge” is what I am to engage in this season of my life.

A couple of weeks before the new semester, I got a call from CMFI accepting me for a summer internship in Mexico! I was so excited that I may have shed a few very happy tears. I had prayed for this internship for months, and now my acceptance had come! This was real life. I was beginning my journey as missionary!

As I prepare for my internship, fears and doubts are beginning to creep into my mind. Will I be physically healthy while I am on the field? Will there be a natural disaster? WillIMG_3867 my teammates like me? As I wrestle with these questions, I sense God lovingly asking me to embrace this process, and to engage the challenges that come and not to shy away from them. Like most people, I find it easier to hide or to avoid challenges when they come my way. I would much rather snuggle up with coffee, Netflix, and my favorite comfy sweatpants and pretend that my troubles don’t exist. As I think about it, I realize that God loves me too much to let me to do that. He doesn’t want to me to pretend they don’t exist or to avoid them, He wants to help me through them so that I can grow in Him and learn more about Him.

Even more importantly, there are people in this world that need the love of Jesus in their lives, and for whatever crazy reason, God has allowed me to be a part of that! I cannot let my fears and insecurities get in the way of serving other in the name of Christ.

With all of this said, I hope you all can draw strength from Jesus and invite Him with you to engage the challenges that come your way. In these challenges, you are not alone and after working through them, I know you will emerge stronger and with greater faith than before. I love you BBC family and other readers, and remember don’t be afraid to engage the challenge.

Love and blessings in Christ,
Jessica Ricks


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