Many of you have seen the movie A Christmas Story. Perhaps, some of you can relate to the dad or the mom or Ralph or his little brother. It is a time capsule of bitter-sweet memories that many of us can recall at will. The last scene is of the house at night with the Christmas lights twinkling and snow falling, adding to the large accumulation We are looking at the front porch and we can see the Christmas tree glittering from inside and the scene is beautiful. I cannot remember the music playing as the credits roll–credits we barely notice. We are caught up in a moment real or imagined of extraordinary peace.

If the Christmas carol, Silent Night started playing with a well-tuned choir and orchestra, many of us would begin to relax, feel the stress drain from our bodies, and settle into a place of comfort and peace. Maybe, just maybe, we can sing along with this song of redemption and think upon the implication of the words. And maybe it will be the start of a newer and richer Christmas season than you have ever known.

Silence night, holy night! All is calm, All is bright

Round yon virgin, mother and child

Holy infant so tender and mild,

Sleep in heavenly peace, sleep in heavenly peace.

We hope this Advent devotional has been an encouragement to you, and helped you focus on Christ more as we wait for his “coming.” May your Christmas be blessed, and filled with joy!


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