Did you ever notice that shepherds who feature prominently in the Nativity story are the ones who are the most insignificant? They are not related to Mary or Joseph, more have they had contact or influence with kings, wise men, or government officials. They do not figure in with the priestly line of Levites, nor do they have wealth opposition or influence in the community. They are working people, nice-to-five folks.

Their response singles them out to us. They react like us. They are us. They are first fearful, then curious, then overwhelmed by the magnitude of the heavenly host!

There are those that say, contrary to words of carol and hymn, that the angels did not sing. To them, I rely on my sanctified imagination and respond that the heavenly host may be speaking and not singing. I don’t know, but i my heart their voices are so beautiful that it is more like music than anything I know.

I think it might sound a little like this 200 year old spiritual carol:

When I was a seeker

I sought both night and day

I sought the Lord to help me

And He showed me the way. [last verse]

Chorus: Go, tell it on the mountain

Over the hills and everywhere

Go, tell it on the mountain

That Jesus Christ is born.

Share: Share a time when a friend about a time that you were overwhelmed by something God did in your life.

Encourage: Encourage someone who may feel that their story is insignificant.

Inventory: Reflect for a moment about the angels that show up in Scripture. Are you frightened? Are you overwhelmed? Are you joyous?

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