Cameron Joyner is the writer of this “Thankfulness in November” article. Cameron is graduating this December with his Bachelor’s of Science in Youth Ministry!

I’m running the homestretch of my last semester here at BBC, and lately I have found myself looking back through the last 4 years I’ve been here. As I replay in my head some of the best memories, the most difficult times, or anywhere in between, there have always been people in my life that have cared so much for me and always encouraged me to press on. It’s those people that I’m thankful for, and grateful to God that He blessed me with them.

First and foremost, my parents. They have been incredibly supportive of me and my wild journey into adulthood since I began at BBC. Time and time again they have given me great wisdom and continue to teach me something new as I continue to mature and grow. Without a doubt I know they are the most loving parents God has blessed me with and I am very thankful for their constant care and love. Mom and Dad, you da real MVPs!

My 2-time roommate Mike Parker is an embodiment of Christ’s love. He is a man that I can trust with anything. He has supported me so much and has been a light in my darkest times. Seriously, the love of Christ just explodes out of this guy and it’s something that I always try to imitate in my relationships with my friends and family. Mike and I are best friends, classmates, roommates, partners in ministry, and brothers in Christ.

In the past few months, Nick Duffel has become a great mentor to me. Whether we are doing ministry together or we’re just chilling at a Starbucks talking about life. I am so thankful for him and what he pours into me. Nick has truly influenced the way I have grown spiritually through his example as a man of God. I look up to this amazing friend more and more. I couldn’t thank him enough for what he has taught me, how he has challenged me, and the way he has been a friend to me.

Numerous people in my time here at BBC have impacted me so radically, and all of them I count as blessings from God. I truly believe that God placed them in my life to learn more about my Father in heaven and fall deeper in love with Him. That’s definitely something I am always thankful for. So, I encourage, you, my brothers and sisters in Christ to also be thankful to the One who provided you with your loved ones. Not just on Sundays or in November, but always. God gave us families and friends to have meaningful relationships with, but we wouldn’t have those blessings if it weren’t for our loving Savior.

Enjoy your blessings always!


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