10256579_759655350736926_1365893361877454896_nThis article for “Thankfulness in November” is written by Katie Johnston. She is a sophomore at Boise Bible College, and studying a Bachelor’s of Science in Christian Ministry with an emphasis on Small Group Ministry. Enjoy!

November is my favorite month. There is something about the late autumn when it looks forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas. We remember the wonderful times in summer and the start of school. It is all kinds of magical, even as the trees lose their colorful leaves and clouds take over the sky. However, there is much to be done in anticipation of the holidays, and that includes finishing the semester before winter break. There is plenty of time before finals (or so it seems), but we students still have projects and weekly homework assignments to keep us busy.

IdahoBusy is good, though. I remember over the summer, whether at my job or at home, I would wait to be given a something to do. Each task would be something simple, just one thing to focus on and then it would be done. I would, then, have to wait until the next task came up. It was hard to keep myself busy while waiting to be given a job to finish, and I found myself wishing to be back at school with the rhythm and constant busyness of having something to do. That is why each time my boss or my mom asked me to start a new project for them or to help finish another project, I would feel very excited. Being productive gave me a sense of accomplishment and purpose.

Being back at school here at Boise Bible College, I have found myself as busy as ever. Between classes, a job, friends, and homework, there is Promo2014 (1 of 12)never a moment of waiting for something to do. Maybe I am a workaholic, but I like it. Accomplishing assignments and keeping up with chores provides the rhythm that summer can lack. It is a lot harder, but the work gives me that same sense of accomplishment and purpose that I missed over the summer. With the stress and the anticipation of holiday breaks from school, it is easy to forget to be thankful for work. However, with Thanksgiving just around the corner I am reminded to be thankful, and work, even hard work, is one of those things I could not live without.

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.” (Colossians 3:23 NIV 84)

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  1. Katie was a joy to work with and had an awesome work ethic. She had joy and enthusiasm for whateve she did. I hope my next employee has some “Katie” in her.

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