McCoy, ChuckThis post for our month of “Professor High-fives” features Chuck McCoy. These blog posts are to encourage, inspire, and give insight to the hearts of our professors.  Enjoy!

Boise Bible College is a great place to connect with other believers, and also do some serious learning – in the Bible, general education topics, and training for specific ministry areas.

As one of the professors, I must admit that I was not a Christian, and did not go to a Bible college until after I had finished a BS in secondary education at a state Promo2014 (1 of 12)university. However, after becoming a follower of Jesus, Bible college was my next stop and what I learned prepared me for over 30 years of ministry. Christianity is not a temporary emotional high or “feel-good” experience, but a sensible worldview that explains where we came from, why we exist, and what is yet to come. While now, disregarded by much of the current culture around us, the Bible contains wisdom that still prepares us for successfully navigating this life and continuing on into eternity.

Good friends – ones that you can trust – can be found in this environment and friendships are often builtIMG_3533 that last for a lifetime. There are many paths open to young people searching for the best way into the future, but Boise Bible College offers a solid foundation for spiritual and practical understanding that can lead to many years of fruitful, meaningful, and satisfying life and service to God.

If you want to know and follow God and His will, are wondering about your future, searching for some dependable friends, and want to do all of that in a friendly and supportive atmosphere, then we invite you to consider Boise Bible College. It just might be a valuable place to prepare yourself for what is ahead on your journey into the future.

About Chuck McCoy:

IMG_5901Mr. McCoy is our Professor of Bible and Old Testament. He earned a M.A. at Eastern New Mexico University and Lincoln Christian Seminary, His B.S. at Western Michigan University, and a B.R.E. a Great Lakes Bible College. He spent eight years in located ministry (Michigan, Indiana, Maryland), five years professor of Bible and church history at Dakota Bible College, 13 years professor of Bible, Theology, and Church History at Nebraska Christian College, taught in the LincUp program at Lincoln Christian College, and was a monthly writer for the Restoration Herald (2002-2011).

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