Christensen TammyThis week, Tammy Christensen kicks off our month of “Professor High-fives”. These blog posts are to encourage, inspire, and give insight to the hearts of our professors.  Enjoy!

The first few weeks of college has an abundance of euphoric emotions. Many students compare these to that of camp and summer mission trips. However, after the first few weeks, the regular mundane schedule kicks in, homework begins, tests are given, and payments of tuition are expected. All of these elicit a different set of sensations. Students report depression, relationship issues, negative self-talk, anxiety, and many other complications during this time. As the Resident Director, I have sat many hours and many days with students having concerns with one or more of these scenarios. There is a dorm life first aid that I have developed over my time here at Boise Bible College. It’s the ABCs of emotional survival at college.

A – is Always include yourself. Many times students exclude themselves and hole up in their dorms and never socialize. We are a PromoBBC2014 (11 of 17)community of support at BBC, and it is imperative to go out and make friends and get integrated so that you do not do life isolated from others. It is simpler to stay in the quagmire of negative self-talk and emotions. It takes vigor and determination to push yourself, and it is imperative that you push through.

B – focuses on Beliefs. What is it that you are thinking? Is it rational thoughts about the situation or irrational? Is your thought process an accurate view or have you made it negatively irrational to the point of self-destruction? Generally, this process it what makes the behavioral change for many. As a therapist, this progression is the simplest for cognitive and behavioral change in many. Commonly, it comes down to having an unrealistic thought about your current situation.

C – Courage to ask for help. We were made to be in relationships GroveCamp2015 (1 of 1)-18with others and having the humility to ask for help is something that countless people struggle with. We have extraordinary faculty, staff, and upperclassmen that are more than eager to do life beside you no matter how challenging the task. The dominant element is having the humility to ask.

Often times many students feel the spiritual warfare attack within these first few weeks. I have said it before, when we are in the will of God and following Him, it is then that Satan attacks the harshest. DO NOT WAIVER!!! These emotions are emotions that nearly every student has within this time frame. Do not feel like you are the only one or that no other person is feeling this way. If you were to go out and get involved and find someone to help run the race with you, you would see that you are not alone. Follow the ABCs and ask for help. Boise Bible College is not just an institution equipping servant leaders who build up the church to advance the gospel worldwide, under the lordship of Christ and the authority of Scripture, we are also family who does life together, no matter how messy it is!


10422440_10203697733066313_2496140722873107461_nTammy Christensen is the Boise Bible College Resident Director, as well as, teaches a few counseling courses. She has a B.B.L. (Psychology), Ozark Christian College; M.S. (Community Counseling), Pittsburg State University; M.A.T. (Elementary Education) (honors), Greenville College; Ed.S. (Community Counseling) (honors), Pittsburg State University. She is 11885666_10205324510694737_3177380161255400701_omarried to Cody Christensen, and together they have 5 kids. The Christensen Clan lives on campus at BBC, so it is likely you’ll see them riding a scooter around campus or inviting students over for movie nights.

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