JacobHartmanThis weeks “Freshman Musings” is written by Jacob Hartman. Jacob is from Filer, ID and majoring in Preaching Ministry while attending Boise Bible College.

I have been wanting to go to BBC ever since my freshman year in high school. I remember seeing my youth ministers helping, encouraging, walking with their students in his or her struggles, and always willing to be on one of the hardest front-lines of ministry. Throughout my walk as a Christian, my youth ministers were always there to help me in hard times of struggles and doubts in my salvation, helping me see that I am loved not just by them but by Jesus as well. I realized that being a minister, specifically a youth minister, is something I would Staff.Student20142like to strive toward the youth these days need someone in their lives who can help answer the tough questions and teach/mentor them as godly young men and women who will build up the Kingdom awaiting Christ’s return.

So I have just started my freshman year at BBC going for my bachelor’s degree in Preaching. The journey so far has been phenomenal! I have made a large amount of friends and brothers and sisters in Christ. The upperclassmen are always kind and willing to help where they can; the faculty and staff are always open for questions and frequent freak-out moments (I have only had a couple so far), and my fellow freshmen are constantly looking for ways to improve as a class whether it be academically, morally, or spiritually. Four and a half weeks and a hundred cups of coffee later, mid-terms and final  are approaching, but the morale here is still high; with noses in books and fingers tapping away at computers, everyone here is busily working to get their tasks done.

All in all,Registration2015-2 my experience here has been quite eventful: late night Taco Bell runs, movie nights, study sessions, and a whole lot of fellowship, it has been an amazing growing experience.

-Jacob Hartman


This concludes our “Freshmen Musings” section. I hope you were encouraged by the freshman of Boise Bible College, and their experience thus far. Next, we will be publishing “Professor High-fives”. These will be articles written by BBC professors and act as a source of encouragement. To give you a hearty “high-five” so to speak. Stay tuned, or whatever you say to stay on top of a blog.

Please enjoy this cover of “What Does the Fox Say” by a group of BBC students.

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