KayleeVThis weeks article is written by Kaylee Voorhees. Kaylee is from Boise, ID. In addition, Kaylee is majoring in Intercultural Studies while attending Boise Bible College.

My experience at Boise Bible College has been filled with utter contentment and an even greater hunger. It would seem contradictory that one could experience both contentment and starvation simultaneously. However, when you are surrounded by people who Registration2015-16have the same ultimate purpose of glorifying God with their lives you will gain a family that both lifts you up and challenges you to grow. It is rare to walk onto campus without receiving a “HELLO!!!” or a smile that is rather large considering the time of morning it was given. Sometimes the smallest of things can make the biggest difference. Boise Bible College may be small, but man will it make a difference in the world! Within the first few weeks of my freshman year I have already seen the passion the professors have for Jesus Christ and His mission. I have already heard the eagerness in students’ voices when they talk about this or that book of the Bible. (Sounds weird, huh?) I have already witnessed example after example from the professors and upper classmen of what it is like to act out my faith: rejoicing in the midst of anything, being thankful for everything, and praying that reflects the magnanimity of God. All these things fill my heart with happiness. What brings me even more joy than these things are the ways in which they make me hunger for God. I am starving for more knowledge of my Heavenly Father and how to best serve Him. As hcphoto_Intermountain2015soon as I am filled, I become hungry again. I am so eager to see how the students here will be equipped in Christ and eventually equip others.

I came to Boise Bible College to be equipped and sent onto the mission field as a teacher and educator, with hope that my faith would be strengthened, stretched, and grown. I came to build relationships with people who will challenge me to become the best I can be. Put simply, I love being around people who love Jesus. After a flood of prayers and a lot of waiting for answers, God placed BBC on my heart. I believe this is the place where He wants me to be at this time in my life and I look forward to all the places He will take me next.

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