LoganSThe writer of this article for “Freshmen Musings” is Logan Stinebaugh. Logan is from Nine Mile Falls, WA. He is studying Youth Ministry while attending Boise Bible College.

I’ll be honest. . . I sat around most of the summer counting down the days until I packed up my car, and hit the road to Boise. I remember sitting in my kitchen and opening my acceptance letter, my mind gushing with “hallmark card” worthy thoughts. I remember working shift after shift, saving every penny I made, in anticipation of tuition costs knowing that I’d be glad to spend every cent of it on coming to this amazing school. I love Boise Bible College with every fiber of my being. The people, the campus, and the food! All of it. So naturally, when I got the opportunity to write for the freshman section of the school blog, I leapt in my chair a little bit.

After only being here for a few days I am already far more involved in the school than I could have hoped for, mostly due to the kindness and welcoming nature of all the students and faculty. In fact, it was one of the main reasons I chose Boise Bible College. I learned about the Registration2015-21school through members of my home church who were either alumni or just fans who spoke fondly of it. On top of this was the fact that I grew up going to youth conferences like C.I.Y. Move and the Portland Youth Conference. At events like this it’s hard to go anywhere without seeing someone sporting a classic BBC tee-shirt, or spotting a shiny BBC Rep nametag on someone’s chest. Whenever I was asked what my plans were after high school graduation, I would always say with confidence: “Oh, I’m going to Boise Bible College”. I can only imagine how quickly my family grew tired of the stupid smile that appeared on face whenever some asked why.

Why Boise Bible College? Why not?! I knew after my first visit that this was God’s plan for me. It was more than a feeling, it was a conviction. Trust me, I looked at other colleges. George Fox University, New Hope Christian College, Grand Canyon University, and none of them meant anything to me after I felt the call to come to BBC. Along with this conviction came the fact that the school is just a bunch of fun. In one simple walk across the sixteen acre campus you are likely to find things like a game of Ultimate Frisbee, a group session of Super Smash Registration2015-15Bros, or a nerf gun war (all of which I have seen happen in my short amount of time here). On top of all this is the exceptional level of character and Christian spirit that the returning students and faculty provided for me. Literally everyone you meet is nice. In my interactions with the college, I have not found one person here that I don’t like and I don’t think I’m going to find one. I have been offered textbooks from upperclassmen, spiritual guidance from more mature students, and one-on-one help from the professors (well, as long as I bought them coffee first). President Terry Stine even gave my class his personal phone number in case we ever needed to talk. So, I would say that if you are looking for a place to call home during your walk with God, come to Boise. There will be a loving family waiting for you with their arms open.

So, why not embrace them?


4 thoughts on “Embracing the BBC Family

  1. Wow!! Written so well Logan. I know you will do well at college and everything you do in life because of who you are. But I’m glad that you are so happy with your college choice. You have made me so very proud as your mom and I look forward to see you excel in life.

  2. So well written, and thoughtful as well. I’m so glad you’ve found a great home as you continue on in your journey! Love, “Aunt” Sandy from Minnesota

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