10959923_1066997713314102_1875488201926738165_oWelcome to the first edition of “Freshmen Musings” written by Katie Klimes. Katie is from Buhl, Idaho. Her major is a Bachelor’s of Science in Christian Teaching.

Most recent high school graduates spend their entire summer anticipating their first year at college. We dream about what our dorm will look like, who our friends will be, and finding a precious jewel that we can sell to cover the cost of tuition. Moving away from home and starting something new is always a little terrifying, but Boise Bible College makes the transition easier than it would be at a large university by planning activities for the whole student body. The freshman were able to familiarize themselves with the area and people by competing in a scavenger hunt, attending a pool party at President Stine’s house, visiting the Western Idaho Fair, and rafting with the rest of the student body.

Freshman being prepared for the scavenger hunt in Downtown Boise hosted by the Admissions Office.

The scavenger hunt started at the capitol building, and it expanded across downtown Boise. We were all able to get to know the people in our group on more than a first name basis, and we were able to understand Boise as our new home and mission field.Registration2015-8

A couple days after the scavenger hunt was the pool party. The idea of having a pool party at the house of your college president with a group of people you just met sounds incredibly awkward, but it turned out to be a fun and laugh-filled evening. We swam, made friends, played marco polo, ate delicious food, and watched people get thrown in when they least expected it. Although the scavenger hunt and pool party were both fun, the best event that BBC had planned for us was the school wide rafting trip. We began our trip somewhere past Horseshoe Bend, and we split into our rafting groups. Along with simply paddling DSC_0096through the rapids we also played balancing games, pulled people into the river, and hit rocks that flung people off of the raft.

Campus life is one of the best aspects of attending college. The upperclassmen at BBC don’t get enough credit for all the help they give to the freshmen. I’ve seen older students give freshmen rides to Walmart, sit with them at lunch, invite them to movie nights, and take them out to the fair. If it weren’t for upperclassmen investing in the lives of freshmen, then most of us would have spent the entire first week sitting in our dorm rooms alone. BBC’s mission is to equip student leaders, and that is being put into practice every day. So far my experience at Boise Bible College has been nothing but positive, and I can’t wait for what the rest of the year has in store.

ReGeneration at Eagle Christian Church serving lunch at registration.
ReGeneration and BBC students from Eagle Christian Church serving lunch at registration.

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