From the words of current BBC Student Body President , Isaac Williams: 

Dear incoming freshman and returning students of Boise Bible College:

I am so pumped that you are choosing to come to Boise Bible College to get a priceless education

Isaac somewhere on the east coast.
Isaac somewhere on the east coast.

from this amazing school. When I graduated from high school in 2012 I had no idea that I was going to be attending school here, but then God changed my plans and I cannot tell you how glad  He did! This school is absolutely amazing! Since coming to Boise Bible College my world has been opened up to so many different possibilities for the future and it has also allowed me to form amazing friendship with my fellow students as well as our awesome faculty and staff!


WEEK 3 SPOTLIGHT | Fantastic Faculty & Staff!


Daniel Meador and Professor Dr. Derek Voorhees.

I’ve talked with a lot of my friends who attend other small Christian colleges about the relationships they form with their teachers and based on what I’ve seen so far, nothing has come close to the types of relationships I have made with my profs at Boise Bible College. And not only the profs, but the supporting staff as well! Everyone who works for this school does so much to help us succeed its ridiculous! For the last two years I have had the amazing privilege of serving on BBC’s traveling worship band “Image of Christ” and have gotten to know so many professors and staff who drive us on our weekends out in such unique ways, whether its making crazy music in the car, eating at some hole in the wall Chinese restaurant in the middle of the desert, or having deep theological discussions.

President Terry Stine, preaching the word.
President Terry Stine, preaching the word during chapel 2014.

Let’s be honest, we’ve all seen the movies of peoples first day at college where they walk into the lecture hall surrounded by 500 other people, pick a seat, and listen to the monotonous professor talk about something that they are apparently “passionate” about. Well let me settle this debate right here and now…You will NEVER find that at Boise Bible College. There is never a dull moment in the BBC classroom. Not only are the professors hilarious in their own ways, but they are so obviously, and deeply in love with Jesus that what they teach is a pure reflection of that love. And man do they love us as well. Our professors will even meet with you outside of school 24/7 if you need to talk about homework, theology, life, or even dating!

Former President Dr. Kenneth Beckman.

And when it comes to finances and paying for school, once again our staff is HERE TO HELP! Whether it’s getting you every scholarship that they can, or going out of their way in helping you to find a job, they are there to help you succeed..

I hope this little article helped! I am so stinking excited to meet you all in just over a month!

In Christ,

-Isaac Williams, BBC Student Body President

PS: if thats not enough check out this flash from the past “Professor Cribs from Preview 2011” #ahya 

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  1. I am SO supportive of BBC! Speaking from 60 years of ministry, history of connections to 4 Bible Colleges, I have nothing but praise for BBC! I feel it is solid and Biblical! I call 5 or 6 of the current students “my kids” and that brings me great joy!

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