From the words of current BBC Student, Rae Voska: 

Dear incoming freshman and returning students of Boise Bible College:

Rae Voska
Rae Voska, the dorm expert.

I’m so excited for all of you to be coming to Boise Bible College this fall! I transferred here from a community college in Sacramento three years ago, and my life has not been the same since; in an awesome way, I promise. Even though I was 19 and out of high school for two years when I moved to Boise, it was still a huge deal to move away to school! Many of you will be in the same situation I was, in which you will live 8+ hours away from your hometown. Whether this fills you with excitement or anxiety, you will need to prepare adequately for your move into the dorms.

WEEK 2 SPOTLIGHT | Dorm Essentials!


I am such a list person, and you might be too, therefore, being a “list” person helped me to know what to bring and what not to bring to my new college dormitory. While the list may vary from person to person, this is a basic list of what to I suggest you bring with you to college.

 What you must to bring to College!?:


The of-courses: clothing, toiletries, towels, bedding, laptop, photos The oh-yeahs: some glass dishes for late-
night ramen and your favorite warm beverage, laundry basket, waste basket, hangers, a microwave and/or mini fridge if you so desire, food storage containers, a bicycle, cleaning and laundry supplies The did-not-think-of-thats: storage bins, first aid kit, Command strips and tacks (stay away from nails!)

What (possibly) not to bring to college!?:


And now here are the things that you might NOT want to bring: The you’ll-regret-its: 1) bed risers- most of the beds are bolted to the ground, but they have storage within them! 2) a toaster/hot plate- dorm cooking is limited to microwaves and slow-cookers, but we have a student kitchen to utilize The think-it-overs: 1) gaming systems- it is quite common for gaming to interrupt a student’s academic, social, and sleeping life which often leads to unfortunate consequences, so make sure you can game responsibly if you choose to bring your Sega Genesis (we still use those, right?), 2) a car- they are costly and require upkeep, so make sure a bicycle won’t cut it before bringing this, 3) a cork board- we got ‘em!

Redneck Microwave

Lastly, I am probably missing some things from these two lists, so do some research of your own as you pack. It is also a good idea to get in touch with your future roomies to compare items to see if there are things you can share for the common areas and things you can buy together. And remember: if storage is tight for your move, buy certain things (like pillows and hangers) when you get to Boise instead of before. We can’t wait to have you here in August.

Enjoy your summer and we will see you soon!

-Rae Voska, BBC Student

PS: If you haven’t taken a tour of our campus dorms check out this virtual campus link:

For any other advice here are some fun videos from the past:

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