Payton McSwain and Isaac Hirtle

 From the words of current BBC Junior, Isaac Hirtle: 

Dear incoming freshman and returning students of Boise Bible College:

For some of you the next big step of your life is right around the corner and others it continues. Know that I am so excited for you to be joining and continuing your education with me here at Boise Bible College. Please don’t fret as the fall gets closer! You have no reason to be nervous or scared about your transition or return to college. BBC is an amazing school preparing their students to succeed in all aspects of life. It is transforming my life and will transform yours as well! I am writing this article to spotlight Boise, get you pumped for school, and because the admission team twisted my arm. So go check it out.  

WEEK 1 SPOTLIGHT | Beautiful Boise!

Beautiful Fall colors in Boise Idaho. Beautiful Fall colors in Boise Idaho.
Beautiful Fall colors in Boise Idaho.
People float the Boise River on rafts and tubes. Boise, Idaho.
People float the Boise River on rafts and tubes. Boise, Idaho.

The first thing that will help you get pumped for the school year is to know about the beautiful city of Boise! Boise is known as “the city of trees” and the the capital of Idaho. It is one of the Northwests greatest cities. You will quickly fall in love with the friendly people and atmosphere it provides. Its a big and small city all in one. Lets just say   bicycles are prized in Boise, so don’t forget to bring yours.

You can do anything outdoors in Boise. We have rock climbing, mountain biking, river floating, fishing, skiing, or hiking, if you name it, you can do it within 30 mins of downtown. One of my favorite things to do is longboard down parts of the 25-mile long green belt located next to the Boise River. This is one of the most refreshing way for me to spend any part of the day, and its located just seconds from campus! #awesome

Hot Air Ballon Season, Boise ID.
Hot Air Ballon Season, Boise ID.

Aside from being fun, Boise is also one of the prettiest places to call home. The most beautiful sites you will experience in Boise will be the daily site of colorful hot air balloons. This may be overlooked at times but I am constantly blown away by the beauty they behold. These balloons canvas  the skyline in the brisk mornings and warms evenings. They are a true site to see.

So get pumped for this coming school year! God has blessed us not only with a amazing institution to study His word, but also a beautiful place to call home while we are prepared for a life of ministry.

So as we embark on our own individual journeys, be excited to be living in this beautiful city!

See You Soon.

-Isaac Hirtle, BBC Junior

PS: if you don’t believe me check out this sweet video! 

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